Shopping Mall Parking Fees: Legal or Not?

Should you pay parking fees when you go shop in your favorite? Or should shopping mall owners provide free car parks to their customers?

In the Philippines, you have to pay parking fees when you use mall carparks according to a recent decision handed down by the Philippine Supreme Court.

The Office of the Solicitor General apparently argued (in behalf of the car-owning public) that the collection of fees by mall owners is prohibited by the National Building Code but the Supreme Court concluded otherwise. From a Business Mirror report: Continue reading

Best Philippine Law Schools: Bar Topnotchers

And the best law schools in the Philippines are ………… hmmm, if we define “best” as the number of bar topnotchers that the school produced, then the best law school would be the UP College of Law. However, this is a very imperfect measure so the best law school in the country remains an issue that is worth debating.

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