Rental Reform Act of 2002 [RA 9161]



Section 1. Short Title. – This Act shall be known and cited as the “Rental Reform Act of 2002.”

Sec. 2. Declaration of Policy. – The State shall for the common good, undertake a continuing urban land reform and housing which will make available at affordable cost decent housing and basic services to underprivileged and homeless citizens in urban centers and resettlement areas.

Toward this end, the State shall establish reforms in the regulation of rentals of certain residential units.

Sec. 3. Monthly Rental and Maximum Increase. – Beginning 01 January 2002 and for a duration of three (3) years thereafter ending on 31 December 2004, the monthly rentals of all residential units in the National Capital Region and other highly urbanized cities not exceeding Seven thousand five hundred pesos (P7,500.00) and the monthly rentals of all residential units is all other areas not exceeding Four thousand pesos (P4,000.00) shall not be increased annually by the lessor, without prejudice to existing contracts, by more than ten percent (10%).

Sec. 4. Definition of Terms. – The following terms as used in this Act shall be understood as:

(a) “Rental” shall mean the amount paid for the use or occupancy of a residential unit whether payment is made on a monthly or other basis.

(b) “Residential unit” shall refer to an apartment, house and/or land on which another’s dwelling is located and used for residential purpose and shall include not only buildings, parts or units thereof used solely as dwelling places, boarding houses, dormitories, rooms and bedspaces offered for rent by their owners, except motels, motel rooms, hotels, hotels rooms, but also those used for home industries, retail stores or other business purposes if the owner thereof and his or her family actually live therein and uses it principally for dwelling purposes.

(c) “Immediate members of family of the lessee or lessor” for purposes of repossessing the leased promises, shall be limited to his or her spouse, direct descendants or ascendants, by consanguinity or affinity.

(d) “Lessee” shall mean the person renting a residential unit.

(e) “Owner/Lessor” shall include the owner or administrator or agent of the owner of the residential unit.

(f) “Sublessor” shall mean the person who leases or rents out a residential unit leased to him by an owner.

(g) “Sublessee” shall mean the person who leased or rents out a residential unit from a sublessor.

(h) “Assignment of lease” shall mean the act contemplated in Article 1649 of the Civil Code of the Philippines.

Sec. 5. Rental and Deposit. – Rental shall be paid in advance within the first five (5) days of every current month or the beginning of the lease agreement unless the contract of lease provides for a later date of payment. The lessor cannot demand more than one (1) month advance rental and two (2) months deposit.

Sec. 6. Assignment of Lease of Subleasing. – Assignment of lease or subleasing of the whole or any portion of the residential unit, including the acceptance of boarders or bedspacers, without the written consent of the owner/lessor is prohibited.

Sec. 7. Grounds for Judicial Ejectment. – Ejectment shall be allowed on the following grounds:

(a) Assignment of lease or subleasing of residential units in whole or part, including the acceptance of boarders or bedspacers, without the written consent of the owner/lessor.

(b) Arrears in payment of rent for a total of three (3) months: Provided, That in the case of refusal by the lessor to accept payment of the rental agreed upon, the lessee may either deposit by way of consignation, the amount in court, or with the city or municipal treasurer, as the case may be, or in a bank in the name of and with notice to the lessor, within one (1) month after the refusal of the lessor to accept payment.

The lessee shall thereafter deposit the rental within ten (10) days of every current month. Failure to deposit the rental for three (3) month shall constitute a ground for ejectment. If an ejectment case is already pending, the court upon proper motion may order the lessee or any person or persons claiming under him to immediately vacate the leased premises without prejudice to the continuation of the ejectment proceedings. At any time, the lessor may, upon the authority of the court, withdraw the rentals deposited.

The lessor, upon authority of the court in case of consignation or upon joint affidavit by him and the lessee to be submitted to the city or municipal treasure and to the bank where deposit was made, shall be allowed to withdraw the deposits;

(c) Legitimate need of the owner/lessor to repossess his or her property for his or her own use or for the use of any immediate member of his or her family as a residential unit: Provided, however. That the lease for a definite period has expired: Provided, further, That the lessor has given the lessee formal notice three (3) months in advance of the lessor’s intention to repossess the property and: Provided finally; That the owner/lessor is prohibited from leasing the residential unit or allowing its use by a third party for a period of at least one year from the time of repossession;

(d) Need of the lessor to make necessary repairs of the leased premises which is the subject of an existing order of condemnation by appropriate authorities concerned in order to make the said premises safe and habitable: Provided. That after said repair, the lessee ejected shall have the first preference to lease the same promises: Provided, however, That the new rental shall be reasonably commensurate with the expenses incurred for the repair of the said residential unit and: Provided, finally, That if the residential unit is condemned or completely demolished, the lease of the new building will no longer be subject to the aforementioned first-preference rule in this subsection; and

(e) Expiration of the period of the lease contract.

Sec. 8. Prohibition Against Ejectment by Reason of Sale or Mortgage. – No lessor or his successor-in-interest shall be entitled to eject the lessee upon the ground that the leased premises have been sold or mortgaged to a third person regardless of whether the lease or mortgage is registered or not.

Sec. 9. Rent-to-Own Scheme. – At the option of the lessor, he or she may engage the lessee in a written rent-to-own agreement that will result in the transfer or ownership of the particular dwelling in favor of the latter. Such an agreement shall be exempt from the coverage of Section 3 of this Act.

Sec. 10. Application of the Civil Code and Rules of Court of the Philippines. – Except when the lease is for a definite period, the provisions of paragraph (1) of Article 1673 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, insofar as they refer to residential units covered by this Act, shall be suspended during the effectivity of this Act, but other provisions of the Civil Code and the Rules of Court on lease contracts, insofar as they are not in conflict with the provisions of this Act shall apply.

Sec. 11. Coverage of this Act. – All residential units in the National Capital Region and other highly urbanized cities the total monthly rental for each of which does not exceed Seven thousand five hundred pesos (P7,500.00) and all residential units in all other areas the total monthly rental for each of which does not exceed Four thousand pesos (P4,000.00) as of the effectivity date of this Act shall be covered, without prejudice to existing contracts.

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  1. I already wanted to eject my tenant because he always keep on complaining and arguing regarding the payments on utility bills ( water and electric bill ) he shared with my other tenants.He is always the cause of delayed in payments in this bills; but he insist that i cannot eject him since there is this so called “renting law” according to him, that he must stay in his unit for at least three months for “FREE” before i can eject him. How true is this? is there such law that the tenants be given 3 months stayed for “free”. do i have the rights to keep or control his belongings worth the payment bills he did not pay? and release or give it back to him after he pay me back?

  2. Atty
    question ko lang po yung tungkol sa rent namin sa apartment namin na yung may ari naniningil ng 9k every year para sa pagmay ipapagawa daw sa bahay yung ang pondo..9k din po rent namin sa bahay ang gusto po nya yearly tuwing magrenew kami ng rent sinisingil po nya kami ng 9k pero wala namn po sa contract nya pwede po ba iyon kasi kung di daw kami magbibigay pwede daw nya na di na kami paparentahan ng bahay paano po ito??
    salamat po

  3. Dear Atty.

    Unang una po sa lahat gusto po naming malaman kung paano masasabi kung legal ang Apartment Rental Business ng isang tao. Anu-ano po yung mga batayan para malaman namin na legal ito. Kasi mamaya hindi sila rehistrado at hindi sila nagbabayad ng buwis.

    Nais po malaman ng kaibigan ko kung pwede daw po ba nila basta paalisin sila sa inuupahan nila dahil uuwi ang kanilang anak galing ibang bansa at doon maninirahan sa inuupahan nilang bahay. Ang may ari ng paupahan ang magpapalayas sa kanila dahil ang anak nila na uuwi galing ibang bansa ang titira doon.

    Saka po maibabalik po ba yung mga nagastos ng aking kaibigan kasi ipinaayos nila yung labas ng bahay. Parang dugtungan nila yung harapan. Nilagyan nila ng bubong saka pinasemento yung flooring para sa mas malawak na espasyo. Gusto nya lang po malaman kung maibabalik kahit papano ang mga nagastos nila.

    Sana po ay magkaroon agad ng kasagutan ang aming mga katanungan. Maraming salamat po.

  4. Atty,

    What would be my basis if that apartment is legal to operate? As a tenant, I would like to know what are my rights. Hoping for your immediate respond with my inquiry.



  5. I failed to pay 3 months of rent so i got ejected and also my lessor took my appliances to make sure Ill pay my 3 months debt .. is taking appliances when ejecting legal? my lessor told me its colateral

  6. gud pm po nauupahan po ako sa angeles city humingi sila ng 1 month advance 1 month deposit so na ka 3 weeks lang me aalis na ako kinukuha ko un deposit ko ayaw ibigay ang sabi ubusin ko daw pati un deposit wala po ako pinirmahan na kontrata makukuha ko pa po ba un deposit kasi uuwi na me sa amin may usapan na hindi marerepond pero kinakailangan ko ng umuwi po please help me po

  7. Hi!
    Good Day,
    Ask kasi po may deposit po ako sa haus ng 2 months. aalis na po sana ako kaya baka pwedeng gamitin ko ang deposit ko, kaso ayaw po nilang pagamit sa akin sa kasi d daw po ako naka 1 year , sa contract daw po namin dapat po maka 1 year muna kami bago magamit ang deposit. Ang ngyari po d ko po nabasa ang contract kaya sabi ko bigyan nila ako ng copy kaso d po nila ako binibigyan, kaya sabi ko gamitin ko na ang deposit ko na 1 month tapos yon 1 month ititira ko na.

    Bayad pa ako ng hangang march 15, dapat sana yon pang march 16 – april 15 gagamitin ko na deposit ko don. pwede po ba yo?

    pinapaalis na po nila ako hangang march 20 nalang daw ako pwede po ba nila akong paalisin?

    Thank you,

  8. ATTY:
    Ask ko po, dapat po ba talagang ibalik ang deposito ng umupa sa amin. may 1 buwan p siyang deposito bago sya umalis, ngayon kinkuha nya ung 1 buwan deposito nya. e ang usapan na kung aalis na sya gagamitin and deposito, tas bigla2 na lang aalis sya tapos kukunin ang deposito nya. tama p ba na ibalik namin un?
    salamat po

  9. I have the same exactly problem with Leda Espiritu, is this really true that i have to give my tennant 3 months stay for free before i eject them?.

  10. Atty:

    We are renting P10,000.00/mo. for 2 bedrooms apartment in Caloocan
    City. We moved in last May 2009. After we paid the 1 mo. advance and 2 mos. deposit the owner handed as the contract for us to sign. And it stated in the contract that a flat rate of P500.00 will be charge if the payment is delayed for 3 days. We were charged P500.00 one time for the owner’s fault because she’s not always home. My Lessor has a 4 doors apartment, all occupied ranging P10,000.00-P12,500.00/mo., and we never get an official receipt everytime we pay, but a receipt that you can just buy from the bookstore. My question is, “Is it legal to use an ordinary receipt for a P10,000.00 payment and Is it legal to charge a flat rate of P500.00 if the payment is delayed for 3 days from the due date? Thank you so much for your kind attention.

  11. good day! i would like to ask, i am a tenant and my landlord and i verbaly agreed that ill do renovation and will be refunded at the end of the contract…any information regarding this situation would be of great help for me.

    i look forward to your response, thanks and more power….

  12. gu day po. i had a head ache with my landlord i dont know what was my right as a tenant because they threaten to sue me. wala pa po ako one month sa tinitirhan namin pero ang dami ko na na incounter sa may ari. me contract po ako na pinirmahan ito po mga nakasaad:
    1. na ang may ari ang siyang tunay at lubos na nagmamay-ari ng bahay at lupa na nasa blk no. 36, lot 97, phase 2 area 2 dagat-dagatan navotas city.
    2. na ang may-ari at umuupa ay nagkasudo na paupahan ng may-ari at upahan nh umuupa ang nasabing bahay at lupa sa ialalim ng mga sumusunod na kundisyon:
    a. ang taning ng pangungupahan ay isang taon. maaring ipagpatuloy ang pangugupahan kung muling magkasundo ang may-ari at ang umupa. ( na di po ako umagree may verbal agreement kami na di ako sang ayon dito kasi marami pwedeng mangyari sa 1 year. lalo na po takot po kami sa nangyari nun bagyong ondoy at sunod sunod na bagyo yun po una namin inisip, 2nd reason ko nag work lang kami dito sa manila at residense po kami ng tarlac so posible na pag natapos work namin umuwwi kami sa province, 3rd we still dont know what was around kasi puro kami babae including mga anak ko. kaya sinabi ko just in case there is an emergency aalis kami kahit nagkaron kami mis understanding dahil sa di ako agree sa part na yun ng contract. they say cge na)
    b. ang umuupa ay magbabayad ng halagang limang libong piso bawat buwan bilang renta. paglalagda sa kasunduang ito, ibibigay ng umuupa ang halagang 10,000php sa may-ari bilang “fixed-diposit” na hindi gagamitin bilang pambayad ng renta at maaring makuha lamang ng umuupa pagkatapos na ng contract. (in this case another problem kasi ang napag usapan namin ng landlord na 2months lang kaya ko ibigay then she agreed “madali lang naman ako kausap eh”)
    c. hindi maaring paupahan ng umuupa sa ibang tao o ilipat ang kanyang karapatan sa inuupahan o ang anu mang bahagi noon ng walang nasusulat na pahintulot ang may ari (in this part sabi ko pede naman po pala ilipat sa iba yun pag rent basta may concent nyo. they said yes)
    d. ang lahat ng bayarin ng kuryente at tubig, ang umuupa ang siyang mananagot o magbabayad (wich i had a big problem kasi po sa two house nya iisa lang po metro ng ilaw at tubig)
    e.ang umuupa ang siyang mananagot sa mga gastusin ng maliliit na kumpunihin samantalang ang may-ari naman sa mananagot sa gastusing malalaki kumpunhin.
    f. ang buwis para sa bahay at lupa ay ang may ari ang siyang mananagot.
    g. ang anumang permanenteng pagkumpuni na ilalagay ng umuupa sa kanyang inuupahan ay mapupunta sa may ari pagkatapos ng pangungupahan.
    h. ang ano mang paglabag ng umuupa sa alinman sa nakasaad sa kasunduan ay magbigay ng karapatan s may ari upang ipawalang bisa ang kasunduan ito.

    my concerns are:
    i payed the rent without showing me the house nakita ko lang labas tapos bago pa ko magbayad at pumunta sa may ari they dont tell me na may contracts na pipirmahan so when i went there i am so dissapointed at parang walang choice kasi the they after tapos na due ko sa pinanggalingan namin room the reason why we move out kasi dumating mga kapatid ko galing province and planned to work here so we need bigger space kasi room lang talaga pinanggalinangan namin at plywood lang yun floor namin takot naman kami bumagsak. wala po ako naging problem sa dati ko landlord at never po ako nag delayed sa any payment sa bait ng dati ko landlord nahiya naman kami mag extend sakto po yun pera namin the date na pumunta ako sa sa landlord ko ngayon so everytrhing was a rush at parang i dont have a choice just to get the house where we are right now at napilitan ako pumirma kasi requirement daw yun pero may naging verbal agreement nga kami. when we move here we expect na maayos lilipatan namin kasi malaki to our dissapointment the house worth 5k at navotas and residential area po sa main door palang walang security lock or any king of lock sa grill gate meron naman then butas butas po yun pinto na parang winarak yun dati lock di nalang kami nakakibo andun na kami. more worst nung umulan na di pa kalakasan bigla po may mga tulo sa sala, kwaro, cr at ang kusina nagmukang sapa dahil yun tubo na agusan ng tubig nasa loob ng kusina at butas pa. and most worst ang mga tulo sa mga connection ng electrical wiring na tanging elictrical tape lang ang panagga sa tulo. i tried to remedy by putting some vulca seal pero di tumalab ang ceiling po namin ay semento at wala po second floor. sinabi ko po sa landlord yun concerns ko na yun. di lang po sya kumibo in my dismay ramdam ko na po na wala po sya balak paayos to.pasalamat nalang po kami di nagtuloy tuloy ulan. pero takot po kami kasi baka mag spark at maging cause pa ng sunog yun mga tulo sa wiring na nabanggit ko rin sa landlord pero deadma lang kaya nagpasama nalang ako sa taas to check what was the problem napakalaki po pala ng remedyo gagawin kaya di ko rin nagawa kasi mukang malaki gastos ko. 2socks of cement, tubo, at bubong para sa kusina kasi yun lang may bubong kasi mukang nilagay yun for extension, i believe this is not a minor remedy anymore but the landlord keep on ignoring. at nasusungitan laang ako so sabi ko bahala na nga. then yun katabi ko bahay na pag aari rin nila ay umalis dahil sa twice na sila pinasok ng magnanakaw maswerte sila di sila nagising that time o baka napanu sila the reason bakit sila napasok yun bintana walang safety locks at yun kawit ng pinto sa loob naaabot ng nanloob. wala sila pinirmahan kontrata kaya nakaalis sila sa takot na baka mapanu dahil dalawa lang sila babae nakatira at may isang bata. binilin po sa akin nun umalis na di nya na nakuha yun deposit nya at sabi raw ng landlord sya na raw magbabayd dahil iisa lang meter namin ng ilaw at tubig and ten days palang po kami the day na ddumating yun mga bills. kaya sinagot na nung umalis at ako sa tubig. napaisip ako na lumipat sa inalisan ng dati umupa kasi mas madali maglagay ng locks at screens for the safety kesa magkumpuni ng ceiling at tubo kaya nag text ako sa may ari na lilipat nalang ako so wala response tapos nagpunta sya personaly sa bahay saglit at binanggit ko ulit na lipat ako tumingin lang sya sa akin kaya di ako sure sa sagot nya then kinabukasan may sumilip sa inuupahan ko sabi tinawagan daw sila landlord mababakanti daw yun amin at lilipat kai dito sa kabila so i assume na ok na at iisip ko na baka bigla sila magkabayaran andun pa kami kaya naghakot ako. then one time nagulat ako 10pm just yesterday pumunta sila sa nilipatan namin na katabi lang ng pinanggalingan namiin to confront me bakit daw ako lumipat may pinirmahan daw kami contract magkita daw kami sa husgado yun po bungad sa kin kaya sumagot na po ako pero banayad naman i never raise my voice to them sila lang sumisigaw mag asawa nangatwiran ako base sa nasabi ko na. tapos sabi ko sige po sa husgado tayo magkita kayo din po may hindi sinunod sa contract kaya malakas loob ko sumagot kasi yun safety namin ang pinanghahawakan ko na di nila pinapansin noon pa man. palagay nyo po anu po laban ko kasi sabi po ng mga kapitbahay lahat day po ng tumira dito nakaaway na at nagka demandahan daw may isa pa na hinahanap sya kasi di rin binigay yun deposit nila. di po ba 1 sided yun contract namin at in favor lang po sa may ari ang nakasaad? panu naman po rights namin kung lahat po kami papabayaan nalang namin yun deposit malaking halaga po sa amin ang 5k bilang nag ambag ambag para mabuo yun.. pls badly needed an answer kung anu po ba pede ko gawin. umaasa po ako sa inyong sagot at napakalaking pagpapasalamat po in advance. god bless po at sana matulungan nyo po mga katulad kong naghahanap nga sagot

  13. I am from Baguio City, I found a for rent room here and the owner asked me to pay my deposit for her to pay the reconnection of the water line or the Baguio Water District, after a week we are about to occupy the room she told us to pay for the reconnection of the water, and an additional 300 pesos for a day occupancy of the room, I did not pay the water connection and we are demanding for a refund of deposit, she told us that there is no cash refund, even we will not occupy the place. Is there any provision in the rental law that the lessor is not require to return what we have paid?

  14. Good day!

    We are renting an apartment in Caloocan City since Oct 2008 at P5500/month. We gave our lessor 1 month advance and 2 mos deposit. Last May 2011 I spoke to my lessor and advice him that we’ll be transferring and was asking how do we go about it. I asked him if we can move out by May 31 since my new contract for the new apartment will start June 01, 2011. He told me that we have to consume our 1 month deposit covering May 16, 2011 to June 15, 2011 and the remaining 1 month will be given after all deductions were made like utility bills. I agreed even to his terms.

    We moved-in to our new apartment last June 01, 2011 even though technically speaking we paid our former apartment until June 15, 2011.

    Last Saturday June 04, 2011 I went back to our old apartment to get our remaining things and met our lessor. He demanded me to get all our things out, vacant the unit and hand over the keys to him immediately and that he will have the unit fixed/repaired for the new tenant.

    I told him that I will surrender the unit June 15 since I paid the unit until such time. He again demanded that I surrender the unit to him since we are no longer staying on the said unit. Again I told him that since we paid the unit until June 15, 2011 it’s our prerogative if we want to stay there or not.

    He cursed and shouted at me saying “PI” tineknikal mo ko, piniperwisyo mo ko, “PI” ka, gusto mo pa-barangay kita (the lessor happened to be the barangay secretary). He even asked me for a fist fight and told me “gusto hambalusin kita dyan”. I then replied “sige subukan mo”.

    During the said commotion he was shouting that caught the attention of his eldest son and went to see what’s going on.

    Since the conversation is going no where and that he did not want to follow our agreement, I just told him that what I will do is get all our things our and once everything is done I will give him the keys.

    After that they left and soon after his eldest son came back and he was sorry for his father’s attitude, that he understands me and that he knows we spent money fixing the unit since it is dilapidated before we move-in.

    My question is this, Do the lessor have the right to demand us to surrender the unit earlier than agreed even though we paid him although we are not using it.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

  15. ask ko lng po kasi po nagrerent po ako s sta. ana, manila, and mntly rent P7500, may 1 year contract pero walang notaryo, nakuha ko po yung contract at napirmahan aftr 2 days n nakatira ako dun; 3 months deposit and one month advance po ang hininge nila skin nng lumipat ako nung january, so ang total deposit ko po is P19,500, ngayon po nde po ako nakakabayad ng rent for two months, pero tryng to pay it evry mnth, nagtry po ako magpaalam n kung pwedeng umalis n po ako tpos yung deposit ko n lng gamitin dun sa balanse ko, kaso ayaw pumayag kailnagan daw bayaran ko yung balanse and forfeited n daw ang deposit kasi hndi pa ako nakaka 1 yr kasi yun daw yung nasa contract ko, since na ganun lng din ang gusto nya mangyari nag decide n lng po ako n itloy yung contract kaso nng cnbe o yun gusto nya n bayaran ko lahat ng balnse ko in 1 day kung hindi papatayin nya ang kuryente at tubig ko, pero ang ginawa ko nagbayad muna ako ng 8k, kasi ang sinabe nila sa akin dati kapag lumagpas n daw ang balanse ko sa deposit ko that is the time na papatayin nila ang utilities ko, pwede po b yung ginagawa nya sa akin? thank you po sa isasagot nyo sa akin, i really need the answer.

  16. Meron po bang batas na ipinatutupad tungkol sa isinanglang bahay paupahan na, lumampas na sa pinagkasunduang 1 taon upang mabayaran ang pinagsanglaan, at di rin nakakatupad sa buwanang pagbibigay ng renta bilang interest sa sanglang halaga? Maari po bang ilitin ang bahay?

  17. atty.
    ask ko lang po kung dapat po ba na may formal notice sila 3 months in advance kung ang reason nila ay for repair of the said unit.kc informed lang po kami thru text dis dec.2011 and had to vacate the apartment by end of feb. 2012.and no OR’s issued.the rent is 7000.there are 3 apartments.the bigger house costs 10,000.pls. help us what are our legal rights.thank you and hoping for your immediate reply

  18. Good day po atty., I was renting an apartment here in sampaloc manila. Ang upa ko po ay 5,000 tapos po ng increase po sya ng 10% so naging 5,500 po tama po ba yon? tpos ngbigay po sya ng notice na pinapa shoulder samin mga tenant ung bayad sa security at maintenance dito amounting 1,200 pesos each unit. Sa tingin ko po illegal ito at wla po kaming potable water deepwell lng po nanggagaling ang supply ng tubig. Ginigipit po nila kami na kung di dw kmi magbabayad ng 1,200 ay ipapadlock ang aming unit. ang tnong ko po may karapatan po ba sila na gawin ito? Para po kasing wla na kaming karapatan na bawat sabihin nila kailangan namin sundin. paki tulungan naman po kami at kung saan po ba kami pwede humingi ng tulong na govt. agency gumagalang. Jerry Castro

  19. may kulang kami na 1 and 1/2 months sa upa na sa ngayon as 8,500 sa bacolod. gusto kaming e-evict ng mayari at hinde tinaggap yung partial payment namin na 6,000. yung akin lang po ay mas maayos na nagbayad kami kahit paano. tapos nagpahintay lang kami ng 2 linggo.

    nagdala pa ng mag re-rent sa bahay mga isang buwan pa lang na delayed kami.

    covered ba kami nitong rental law? may anak pa ko na may down’s syndrome. medyo mahirap lumipat kasi sa likod lang ng bahay ang school niya.

    paki adice po.
    maraming salamat.


  20. Dear Atty:

    May mga paupahan po ang lolo ko, yung iba po ay higit 3 buwan na ang utang. Hindi po pinapaalis ng lolo ko dahil gusto nya bigyan ng panahon na makapagbayad.

    Kamakailan ay namatay ang lolo ko, at hinati na po ng mga anak ng lolo ko ang mga paupahan. Namamana din po ba ang mga utang ng mga dating nangungupahan? Gusto din po kasi namin gamiting dahilan for ejectment yung naging utang nila sa lolo ko sa paupahan dahil hindi po talaga sila nakakapagbayad. Mabigat na po kasi masiyado kung hihintayin pa namin na hindi sila makapaghulog ng 3 months saka pa namin bigyan ng demand letter.

    Maraming salamat po,


  21. atty,
    may i know if it is legal that as my tenant claim ,that they would not pay their balance of 2 months because its free ,and they are claiming that it must be free because im evicting them.The reason why they are being evicted is that i have to renovate the whole apt.and i have also given them the assurance that they are the 1st priority if the renovation is finish.They have a deposit on me,and i told them they can used it until they leave.
    thank a lot.
    lito of cavite

  22. ung room for rent po na inupahan ko, nagbigay ako nang Php3,000.00 pero ang hinihingi nya po sana is Php 5,000. bale one month deposit and one month advance. Php 2,500.00 po per month. Nung naka ilang araw pa lang po kami, nalaman ko na mabaho po at maingay sa lugar kaya di po kami nakatagal, naghanap po ako nang ibang mauupahan, bale tumagal po ako nang 6days, ang sabi po nang may ari, wala na daw po akong marerefund.. help me naman po. may karapatan pa po ba akong makuha yung dineposit ko?

  23. Good afternoon Atty.,
    Every 11th of the month po ang due date ng pagbayad ng umuupa sa amin. March 11, 2014 binayaran po ung pang February rental. On the 21st of March evacute nila un place. Ung tenant nakipag usap sa mother ko na hindi na nila kukunin un 1 month deposit P3,000.00 at 1 month advance P3,000.00 para s meralco bill at water bill na naconsumed for the month. Ang Meralco bill nila amounting to Php 5,863.85 including unpaid bills for 2 months at water bill P1,700.00. Tinawagan ko ung tenant para i settle un unpaid bills pero insist nila ung advance at deposit. May karapatan po ba kaming singilin un tenant sa mga unpaid bills nila? Ung 10 days na pagtira pa nila bago sila umalis, maaari po bang singilin pa rin sa kanila?

    Sana po matulungan mo kami. Salamat..

  24. Good day po sa inyo. meron po akong tanong, kasi po nagdown kami sa nagpapaupa ng bahay last March 26, pero lumipat kami nitong April 15 lang, kelan po ba dapat ang bilang ng isang buwan? di po ba sa araw na lumipat kami? kasi nagtatalo po kami ng may ari ng aparment. Sana po ay mabigyan ninyo ako ng kasagutan…salamat…God bless!

  25. sana may admin pa ang page na ito. i really need help.
    ung byenan ko namatay na 3yrs ago and pinamana ung apartments sa asawa ko and he gave the apartments to me verbally. so ako ang nagmamanage at gmagamit ng upa dahil sumakabilang bahay na sya. ngaun ung isang tenant ko pinaalis ko dahil lilipat na anak ko sa inuupahan nila kasi nagasawa na. nung una gusto nila gamitin ang deposit sabi ko hindi pwede dahil i need to check the repairs dahil 4yrs din sila dun so im sure may mga dapat na irepair doon. after i filed a complaint sa brgy they finally started to move out. ang concern ko is 6,500 lang ang deposit nila sa byenan ko and sabi nila their bills all in all are up to around 10k per month. sabi ko akina mga bills ayaw nila ibigay kesyo tinapon na daw nila. pwede ba nila gawin un na hindi issurender ung bills sa akin? hindi naman nakapangalan sa knila un. and i need those to check what is their average consumption para i know how much is their share sa next bill na lalabas coz they still used the ilaw ang tubig for 18days. ayaw nila ibigay eh pano ko malalaman ang average consumption nila to figure out magkano per day ang usage nila? sabi nila sila na bahala magcompute dahil engineer naman daw ang misis nya.

  26. good day po may inquiry lang po sana ako, may paupahan po ang father ko in tondo 5 doors po na matagal di napaupahan dahil maraming sira, para maayos po e pumasok siya sa isang sanglang upa pero 2 doors lang po ang nakasangla may contract po sila 3 years to pay at 2 kami ng sister ko na nagwitness napilitan lang po kaming pumirma bilang respeto sa ama namin at ang interest is yung pagtira ng inutangan niya, last July 2, 2014 namatay po ang father ko. kung may pambayad na po ba kami sa inutang ng father ko invalid na ang contract or do we have to follow what is in the contract signed by my father kahit patay na siya? o kailangan gumawa kami ng panibagong contract depende sa pagkasunduan namin as 3rd party? gusto kasi ng mga kapatid ko na bayaran na lang para hindi na magtagal pa sayang naman ang upa ng 2 rooms. last May 2014 lang po ang contract. ang gusto kasing mangyari ng pinagsanglaan ng father ko kahit nabayaran na namin e pauupahan pa nila or titirhan for 3 years din. di po ba yung 1 year na upa sa 2 rooms is pwede ng kabayaran sa interest na ibibigay naman namin sa kanila halos 100% interest na rin yung sa capital amount na pinahiram nila sa father ko. ano po kayang rules or regulations ang pwede naming pagbasehan against sa pinagsanglaan ng father ko? i hope you find time answering my inquiries. thank you and more power.

  27. Good morning po sa inyo
    Nais ko pa sanang malaman kung kami ay may karapatan pang manatil sa inuupahan naming bahay. Kami po 21yrs ng nangungupahan sa bahay na eto subalit after pinapalis nakami ng may ari at nagbigay na sya ng palugit ng tatlong buwan o kaya naman daw magdagdag kami bayad sa upa… Ang bahay po na eto ay maraming nakatira at iisa nga lang po ang cr tapos baradong barado napo… Ang tanong ko po sir ay may karapatan pa po ba kaming mag stay gayong wla naman kaming problema sa pagbayad buwanan
    Salamat po at magandang gabi..

  28. Good day sir.
    Pinapalayas na po ng lessor ng inuupahang bahay namin yung pinsan ko sa unit nila. 3 months na po sila hindi nakakabayad at ginigipit ng may-ari ng property dahil isinangla nya na daw yung unit at binigyan lang sila ng 3days na palugit nung pinagsanglaan ng unit. Ipababaranggay na raw sila sa tuesday kapag hindi pa nakapagbayad. 3 years na pong lessee ang pinsan ko at good payers naman po sila sa loob ng panahong ito. sobrang inabot lang ng crisis dahil inuuna nyang mabayaran ang utang nila sa bangko na malapit na ring matapos. Pwede ko po bang malaman ang kasagutan agad. thanks po attorney

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